Four Things To Do Before Putting Your Car In Storage

If you have a nice car that you do not plan on driving through the winter months, putting that car into storage is a good way to protect it. That is -- as long as you take the time to properly prepare the car for storage, first! Here are four big tasks to tackle before you drive that car to its new storage spot: Change the Oil Storing a car with dirty oil can cause grime to accumulate in the engine, accelerating the wear and breakdown process.

Moving During Cold Weather? How to Make It Easier

Although moving during the late fall and winter months isn't exactly ideal and easy, you can actually save some money by doing so. Typically, you can get a better deal on a home and will have less competition working against you trying to hire a moving company to assist with the move. Below, you will find some tips to help you protect your goods while moving in the cold weather.

Tips For Selecting A Moving Company

Planning for a move means taking a lot of things into consideration, from your timeline to the actual packing plan. While it's easy enough to do on your own, sometimes it's too time consuming or you don't have the physical capacity to actually do it yourself. If this is the case for you, hiring a mover may be the best solution. However, before you do that, you should take time to be sure that you know what you're looking for.

Want To Live In A Historic Building For A Dollar? How Moving Services Can Help

All across the nation, there are places where historic old buildings have been sitting peacefully for a century or more. Unfortunately, progress marches on, and the government wants to either demolish these buildings or uproot them from their original land. Historic societies race to the rescue, to get a stay of execution. The result is that they save the building for a short time, but only if they can sell it and get it moved to another location.

Moving To The Big City? Tips For Moving Into Your New Apartment

Have you recently accepted a job in a big city and now need to pack up and move? If so, you may not be prepared about what you should do. Moving out of suburbia and to a different state can be intimidating, but if you know these tips it will make it all go smoothly. Find Out What the Building's Moving Days Are It is common for huge apartment buildings in the city to have a separate service elevator that is specifically for people moving in.