3 Tips For An Efficient, Affordable, And Low-Stress Move

Efficiency is king when it comes to enjoying a low-stress moving experience. While the decision to hire professional movers is always a good start to help maximize the efficiency of your move, there are some additional steps that you can take to help make your move even more efficient. This is because the better prepared you are before the moving company arrives, the faster they will be able to get all of your belongings loaded onto the moving truck. Utilizing the three tips outlined below can help you to prepare for the best possible moving experience.

Tip #1: Utilize Square Boxes Or Bins To Pack Your Belongings

While you may not think that the shape and size of your boxes and bins will make much of a difference, the truth is that choosing standard-sized square boxes or bins can make the process of moving your items much faster and easier. This is because when you choose to use uniformed boxes, you are ensuring that the movers will be able to safely stack these boxes in order to make use of all the vertical space that the moving truck offers rather than being forced to flat load your items. This can easily mean the difference between making one trip or making several trips in order to get all of your belongings moved to your new home.

Tip #2: Clearly Mark All Items Using Easy-To-See Colored Labels

Another issue that often results in time being wasted is the need for the movers to carefully examine each box for the information they need to determine where the box belongs inside your new home. If you wish to have all of your belongings quickly sorted into their appropriate destinations, it is best to avoid writing on the side of the box with a marker or pen. Instead, you will want to use brightly colored labels that are much easier to see. All you need to do is assign a specific color to each room in the house and make sure all the boxes that are destined for that room are marked using the correct color label. Your movers will then be able to quickly sort through your boxes without having to take time to read each label.

Tip #3: Move Furniture And Clean Under It Whenever Possible

Even the cleanest people can be surprised to find out just how much stuff has become stuck in their couch over the years. If you do not take the time to move furniture and clean under or behind it before the movers arrive, you will need to deal with any loose items on the spot. This can add precious minutes to the time it takes the moving company to get everything loaded onto the truck. This is why it is best to complete these tasks before the movers arrive whenever possible.

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