Four Things To Do Before Putting Your Car In Storage

If you have a nice car that you do not plan on driving through the winter months, putting that car into storage is a good way to protect it. That is -- as long as you take the time to properly prepare the car for storage, first! Here are four big tasks to tackle before you drive that car to its new storage spot:

Change the Oil

Storing a car with dirty oil can cause grime to accumulate in the engine, accelerating the wear and breakdown process. So, before you store your car, change the oil. It's best if you change the oil right before driving to the storage unit. This gives the new oil a chance to circulate through the engine, but you won't put so much use into the new oil that it becomes dirty and harmful to the vehicle. If you're storing the car in the winter, make sure you use oil made for cold climates.

Add Fuel Stabilizer

On your way to the storage unit, stop by the gas station and fill the tank up completely. If the tank is full, there won't be space for moisture to accumulate in the gas tank, so your car will drive more smoothly later on. Once the tank is full, pour in a container of fuel stabilizer. One quart should be enough. This will prevent the fuel from turning "gummy" as the car sits in storage, and it will also protect the engine from rust and varnish as it sits.

Disconnect the Battery

If you leave the car in storage with the battery connected, the battery will slowly drain, and you won't be able to start the car when you decide to pull it out of storage. So, disconnect the negative battery cable to keep the battery charged. Alternatively, have someone start and run the car for a few minutes every week. The battery will recharge as the car runs.

Inflate Your Tires

If your tires are not properly inflated, they will end up with flat spots after resting in one place for a long time. So, check the proper inflation pressure on the side of the tire, and inflate your tire to this pressure. Use a pressure gauge to check the pressure, not just the interior gauge in your car, as the interior gauges sometimes become inaccurate as they age. 

With the tips above, your car will be properly prepared for storage. Contact a company like Delray Storage Co for more information and assistance.