5 Steps to Managing Your Move if You Get Sick

Moving to a new house is often not fun even when it goes well. But when something happens that throws off your well-made plans, it can become a huge burden. One unforeseen challenge that many folks may face is getting sick before their move. Whether it was an accident, a serious illness, or a bout of bad allergies, sickness while moving calls for a new game plan. Here are a few steps you should take to make it all work. 

1. Prioritize Your Health

Your health must come first. The problems associated with packing and moving are temporary, but risking your health can cause permanent damage. Putting your wellbeing first may call for self-discipline and a different approach to this project, but it reaps a long-lasting reward. 

2. Hire Professionals

Whatever your initial plans, this is the time to rely on professional movers. If you already contracted with movers, they can often accommodate an increased work request. If you hadn't planned to hire services, start researching early so you aren't rushed if you don't get well in time. You can hire movers to do just a little — such as the actual moving day — or they can handle the entire project for you. 

3. Focus on What's Important

If you don't have the energy, the time, or the physical ability to do a lot of moving tasks, prioritize the most important. You might let others do the work of packing up the majority of the house, for instance, while you focus on carefully protecting your prize art collection instead. 

4. Put Off Purging

Most people want to (or need to) sort and purge some of their belongings before moving. If doing so will tax your resources too much, you may need to put off purging until you get to the new house. While this may result in packing unnecessary stuff or even hiring a bigger truck, it's an investment in your health. You can always purge when you feel up to the work.

5. Call Your Support Network

Don't be too proud or too embarrassed to call on your support network during this time. Friends, family, co-workers, or even neighbors are often willing to step in and help when they know there's a need. Reach out to others to help you with prep work like sorting through the kids' rooms. And find projects you can fully delegate to others without micromanaging. 

If you follow these few steps, your move can be successful no matter how you or your family feels. Learn more ways that you can meet this challenge by consulting with a residential moving service.