Use These Practical Tips If You Want To Pack Fast

Ideally, you should plan your move weeks in advance and start packing early enough so that you aren't hurried and exhausted on your moving day. However, there are times when you may be forced into a last-minute move. Here are a few tips to help you pack fast in such a situation:

Start With the Most Tasking Job

Packing is physically tasking, which means you will likely be exhausted towards the end. You don't want to handle demanding tasks when you are tired—you could easily mess up your packing and endanger your items on the move. Therefore, start with your most demanding items or room so that you can handle the lighter tasks towards the end. For example, if the garage or storage is the most demanding room to pack, that is where you should start.

Have a Clear Outline to Follow

Once you start packing, stopping to think what you need to do next will waste your time. Therefore, have a clear outline of what you need to do at each stage of the packing process before you begin. For example, it may be necessary to move some packed boxes out of the way periodically so that you can continue packing without having things in your way.

Don't Pack Unnecessary Stuff

Packing unnecessary stuff is both time-wasting and exhausting for nothing. In fact, moving with such items also inflates your moving cost unnecessarily. Therefore, this is also the time to get rid of items you won't be using in your new home. Don't forget that weight and size of boxes are some of the factors that influence moving cost.

Have Your Packing Supplies Ready

Halting your packing to go and get some boxes or tape is a serious waste of time. Therefore, get your packing supplies ready before you start packing. Research what you need so that you don't get surprised that you need one more big box or plastic pellets before you are done with the packing. It may also be cost-effective to buy your packing supplies in bulk.

Get Some Help

Lastly, your packing will progress much faster if you have some people helping you than if you want to handle it all alone. Family members, friends, or even hired help can help you with the actual packing or assist with lighter duties such as moving packed boxes out of the way.

Ask a local moving company, like Bekins Van Lines Inc, to help if you don't think you can pack fast enough and efficiently. Many moving companies offer these services and even have packing supplies for their clients.