How Much Stuff Is Too Much Stuff? 5 Tips For Down-Sizing Before A Move

Before you move, you may want to consider down-sizing. After all, it'll take less time (and money) to move fewer things. Still, it can be difficult to separate your necessary items from the items that really aren't useful. Here are some tips.

1. Look Through Old Boxes

If you still have boxes unpacked from you last move, you probably don't need those items anymore. Target old boxes and things wedged at the back of closets and in storage bins first for elimination.  

2. Ask Family and Friends

Sometimes it's difficult to let go of a handy tool or item just because you don't use it anymore. That's especially true if the item was expensive. Rather than throwing it away, you can ask your friends and family members if they could use any of these things. That way at least it's being put to a good purpose.

3. Hold a Garage Sale

Before you move is the perfect time to hold a garage sale. Pick through all of the items that you have to move and look for things that you just aren't interested in keeping. Old clothes, books, DVDs, and games are great garage sale fodder. You'll also be able to make a few dollars to help pay with the move and to get new things for your household. 

4. Go on the Classifieds

For any expensive items that you have that you want to recover costs for, there's classified ads and third-party marketplaces. In the weeks before your move, you can sell off things like old tools, handbags, and electronics. These are things that you might not necessarily use anymore, but that still have value.

If you think you might still use something later on, do the "last used" test. Try to think back on the last time you used it. If it wasn't within the past year or so, you're not likely to ever use that item again. 

5. Invest in Self-Storage

Finally, before you move you may want to invest in a self-storage unit. It's much easier to move things into self-storage when you're already completing a move; you can just direct the movers to drop your items off at two different locations.

Moving is a chance to start fresh. That often means cleaning house before doing so. Though you might need to put a little more effort into your move this way, you'll thank yourself later.